Iranian Institute of New-founded Sciences

Iranian Institute of New-founded Sciences (Maana) is a pioneer institute in entrepreneurship and providing specialist teams for industries in Iran. These goals will be achieved by holding industrial schools, technological internship courses, industry visiting, and applied-research plans.

Maana’s Responsibilities

Industrial Education

The Iranian Institute of Newly-established Sciences is proposing new educational plans with the aim of applying sciences to industry and improving the quality of life. The educational plans are being proposed, with the contribution of entrepreneurship specialists of university and industry, in several areas like Biotechnology, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Neurosciences, Nano Technology, and Biological System
Research and Industrial Development
Iranian Institute of New-founded Sciences is steering many purposive research projects which are focused on fundamental scientific or applied questions in a range of research areas. The researches are pursued in order to promote the scientific status of our country in international scales and provides a model for interdisciplinary research with potential industry-commercial achievements. Maana also allows researchers interested in ongoing research to join the institute.
Industrial Services
Iranian Institute of New-founded Sciences provides efficient research platforms to increase the exploratory efficiency of research processes to the community of academic researchers, R&D units, knowledge-based companies, and health and technology researchers. This institute also provides professional services for the development of knowledge-based businesses and improving the business performance of industries active in the field of biotechnology and health.
Maana’s Services
Artificial intelligence
Academic services

Digital Biotechnology
Industrial optimization
Industrial Pharmacology
Data Mining and Data Analysis
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